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Telmo Almeida
Since the gay marriage issue went to the voters in CA, and it was banned, there has been a huge discussion from both sides of the spectrum, ones that are for it and the ones that are against it!

While the ones that are against it use the same ol lame bible excuse, that it goes against God's word etc, I am sick and tired of having those people who try to defend me as a Homosexual and my right to marry in a very passive way that hasnt taken us anywhere for years.

We cant be civil anymore, we need to attack them in a way that will get them to think a again on wether or not what they are doing to us is right!

a) its not a choice, if it is, then lets have them choose to be gay for a week....

b) a great majority of gay marriage opponents are african american who are very religious, so lets ask them what was wrong with the segregation, lets ask Reverend Al Sharpton what was so wrong about the whites making the blacks riding in the back of the bus, not being allowed to vote, drinking from separate water fountains, etc, etc. Lets remind the african american community that they had to fight for their rights once before, that in their eyes it was wrong for the whites to be racist against them only because of different skin color. Lets remind them how quick they forget that once they were in same shoes as we are now, and do them that was wrong, so how can it be right when they fight against a human being's right simply because he has a different secual orientation?
Lets remind them that we have a black president because we were able to look past skin color, and gave that man the same chance, oportunity and respect that ANY human being deserves, why cant we be given that same oportunity?

c)the Jews... lets ask them what was so wrong about the holocaust? according to places like Iran it never happened, why should they feel offended when someone denies the holocaust? If jews oppose gay marriage only cause we are not straight, they are judging us for our sexual orientation, lets remind them thats how the holocaust started, different religion and according to Hitler they could never be the Arian race. what was so wrong about jews being judged by the religion? if there was something so wrong about it, then why are they now judging me for my sexual orientation? Lets remind them, that them too, quickly forgot that once their grandparents and probably parents were sent to concentration camps to be executed only because they were of a different religion, they were told what to wear and how to live. Now there are even holocaust museums to remind us that genocide should never ever happen again, but they all forget that and are willing to fight against my freedom as a human being and my right to love and be married simply because we have a difference of opinion when it comes to sexual tastes.

I think it is time for us as a community to defend ourselves alot better than the typical, its genetic, its not a choice etc etc. that bullshit doesnt fly anymore, we have been selling that crap for years now, and no one has bought it! lets hit them below the belt and get close to what hurts them the most and make them answer the question "if it was so wrong what they did to you, why are you doing it to us now?"

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Gawker.com, known for blogging about controversies, had this to say about the newest NIKE commercial : http://gawker.com/5027779/does-nike-hate-gays-or-do-gays-hate-basketball

I got the feeling that whoever wrote that, is not gay, maybe just someone who has gay friends and thinks he can save us all from humiliation and homophobia. Personally, i dont think there is anything wrong with that picture, the in-your-face dunk in baskeball is well known as the "ultimate" show of supermacy of one athelete towards his defender.
While i do know that most gays dont care for sports, and that NIKE can be homophobic (we have yet to see an openly gay athelete being in their commercials or pictures), i dont beleive that in a gay point of view that picture is offensive.. hell we all like balls in the face.

Now if you are black and all machoman, i can see why it you be offensive, but we all need some balls in the face now and then to grow a thicker skin.

And while i am a great defender of the gay cause and gay rights, i think gawker.com post just make us look ridiculous:

So...a) Dont be so sensitive, or otherwise in a few years we will have everything on tv censored because A or B felt their manhood or gayhoo was offended by certain thing that was said or showed, b) unless you are a fag, dont write stuff about us and try to include the whole gay community in it, and dont feel offended for us.


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For the first time i went to gay days last week, the hype was so big, i thought it was gonna be really fun...but it sucked big time!

The whole bear parties just werent as good as everyone said it would be, starting with the tidal wave party at the Wet and Wild park which only has about 6 or 7 rides, you pay 75 dollars to get in, 85 for VIP that was serving really nasty food!

The Disney on saturday was a fun, i must admit, even though i am not a disney fan, that is definately worth going.On that same saturday at night there was the bear dance party called "eufuria". it was in the host hotels ballroom (VERY small ballroom), it cost 35 dollars, and man was it lame!!

So if you plan on going next year here is an advice, Go to disney, do the pool parties at the host hotel ($10) go to the NON BEAR water park on friday and go to the NON BEAR dance party at MGM on saturday, you will get more for your buck!
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A few months ago I wrote about some idiot who, in his blog, called a friend of mine an asshole for the simple fact that he, in his profile, said very clearly he wasnt into other bears. Therefore there was no need for such people to message him.

Today on the bearwww.com site a friend of mine was "attacked" by this one stupid fat fuck (TSN4cok) for saying in his profile he was into twinks and jocks. Apparently he told my friend (bearchaserchaser) how sad it was and how ashamed he should be for liking twinks.

Since i dont really understand this hatred from bears (into other bears) towards twinks, i do want someone to explain it to me why... untill then i am gonna have to be rude, i know its not a nice job but someone has to do it and i sure as fuck dont mind doing it..

As i said before, all you fat fucks who only stick around other fat fucks like yourselfs, have all the right to like them, just like i have the right to like bears or bears have the right to like me, what you dont have the right is to be rude towards other bears who dont like your fat cunty ass. No one likes to be made fun of or no one has to feel bad of enjoying something, only cause you fat fucks who eat peanuts at the lonestar and all you talk about is who you fucked yesterday, dont approve.....

We see you all being so proud of having hair and being big boys, and that is great, but what about the same people who like twinks? are they excluded from your "brotherhood"? should they be ashamed?

its time for you fat cunts,who are into other bears, who think you are so superior towards other bears who like twinks, to get your head out of your fat hairy cunts and stop hating other people. That is what homophobics to do us, you are doing the same thing, so next time you are called a pervert and abnormal by some religious fanatic, you will understand how those who you hate feel......

The Management


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no cooment
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So, here is the deal:

I have a huge problem with religion, due to the fact that i beleive it is the center of all there is wrong with society now a days.....

While i do believe Jesus is my homie, i am probably one of the most sacriligious person you will ever meet. After having a discussion with a friend about wether i would go to heaven or hell, and to which his answer was "if i get to hell and you aint there, there is something seriously wrong", I wondered a) why every time we see a picture of Jesus he is hot and has a 6 pack and all? i am sure he never worked out b) how big his dick was and c) was he cut or uncut?

Any insight?
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While driving around town, we came across to this big ass pick up truck with the back window all laser etched with the mexican flag. While anyone driving by it couldnt help NOTICING it, one of the comments inside the car was "if you are so damn proud then go back to where the fuck you came from".

I understand where seeing such display could get an american upset, after all this is USA not mexico. And while i could agree with it, as a foreigner those words were kinda hurtsful and here is why:

Not all of us (99%) come to this country to bomb the fuck outta it or HATE America. Actually, most of us come here in search of what our countries cant give us.. for the majority a sense of security, being able to be who you are, a better job, better living, better education, in general we come here to provide better for ourselves and our loved ones.
Since we can remember way back when, our tv, is filled with american movies, MTV, the life of rich and famous, the display of wealth, the hot men and women, walk of fame, Los Angeles and New York, the fact that ANYONE can be a selfmade man, is put up for display on our tv screens!

THAT is what we go after...(ok maybe not all, i came here 1st for the adventure, then just ended up staying....), I am not saying its the country's or Americans fault what is displayed in other countries' TV screens, but one has to understand that the grass is always greener on the ohter side and to us foreigners, it is greener in America. I love the States, it has given me more that my country could ever have, but i will never forget where i was born and where i came from, nor i think anyone should ask foreigners who come here for a reason or another to forget where they came from, to take up American values and traditions and forget all they know or celebrate in their shithole of country. After all we need something to remind us of the reason we came here in the 1st place.

Peace :)


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I was channel surfing tonight and i ran into the Tyra show.. i usually dont watch it, but i caught here saying this was the weirdest thing she had ever seen or heard of when it comes to sex.. so of course i had to see what it was.

They had this chubby chaser straight couple (she was a big woman around 300 pounds and he was 120 soaked and wet). The clip was her squashing him. I must be honest i have heard about it but really never saw anyone doing that, but...hey to each their own.

After that 30 second clip that couple was on the show and Tyra starts asking questions. They were very honest and straight forward with all their answers, and of course the inevitable question comes " what event happened for you to like big girls?".

I get that asked all the time, when did i start liking big guys or how did it happen. I dont think there is one single person who can explain that.. its not like one day you like chocolate ice cream but the next you try strawberry and you find out you like strawberry alot better, or you had an accident and bumped your head and woke up being a chubby chaser. Its just like asking someone "what happened that made you gay?" We dont know..we just are..the same reason we cant explain how or why we are attracted to certain things or fetishes, being them the most weirdest of the fetishes, thats just what gets our rocks off, we all have our things.

He goes on saying that a) he is not an encourager, and b) that if she ever had to lose weight, either cause she wanted to or because of medical reasons he would still be as happy. While i beleive the 1st one is true, I dont believe the second is AS true. What first attracts people like him or myself to someone big..ger... is the weight. You could put the same face or the same personality or the same beautiful eyes on a smaller person and sexually we wouldnt be attracted to that person. We look at weight first then comes the all the rest.
Its sad to say this but if my boyfriend for some reason went down to 180 pounds, i dont think i would be attracted to him sexually, and i am sure that would make it impossible for us to continue having a relationship, i know it might sound shallow but the same goes for the opposite. If a big person is attracted to a smaller person and if his or her boyfriend/girlfriend for a reason or another went up from 150 to 300 pounds, I BET that his or her partner would not be sexually attracted to him/her.



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The Grammys came and went and this year they were actually pretty entertaining.
There wasnt none of that bullshit of spending 10 minutes thanking all your one night stands and the gardener for the inspiration of a certain song or the strength to...sing, Oh yeah..lets not forget God.........

But here is why i have a problem with such award shows especially the Grammys:
We all know the music world/industry is not perfect, but then again neither is any other world/industry and neither is Life.. but for some reason, the music industry is made from fucked up characters, gang bangers and drug users.

Amy Winehouse rocked the Grammys this year. I must admit she is pretty talented as a musician (just like any other coke head that sings or have sung) but we keep giving awards to these kind of people that a) sing about not wanting to go to rehab, b) whose other half doesnt want to go to rehab and get help, c) there are pictures of them with white powder around their nose, d) who have publicly admited that they do drugs, some carry weapons without permission, and the list goes on and on....

So what is our message? If you are rich and do drugs, its kinda ok, you are a celebrity and we will be giving you awards cause if we decided NOT to give awards to those singers who dont behave like exemplar citizens then we wouldnt have a show, if you are a regular joe and you do drugs then you are a loser.

Good job Grammys association, why do teenagers need parents when they got YOU!


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I have 2 friends of mine who are black and both like bears. I asked them last night if they ever had dated other black men. Both of them answered no and they never would! Then they asked me if i had ever or would ever date or have sex with a black guy, and i replied no, dont even want to try it!

They looked at me like i had two heads on my shoulders, how could i say that when i had black friends.. well for one, they asked and i answered.. two i do beleive that everyone is racist, the question is what you gonna do about it TODAY. We have all used the N word, or be racist towards someone else who is foreign etc etc. But if the fact that i never had any kind of sexual relationship with a black guy nor do i have any desire to try it, makes me a racist, lets think about this:

What about the white men that ONLY date black guys, guess they are racist too? or what about the black guys (like my friends) who ONLY date white guys, what makes them NOT racists? the fact they date the oposite color?

what about black guys who ONLY date other black guys? How come they are not racist? cause you cant be racist towards white people? Is racism ONLY towards someone who is a different color but not white?

Represent :)


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